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Like most businesses crypto programs also operate an affiliate program so I get paid extra when I introduce a new member. My Top Recommendations are based on my personal earnings from my deposits and are not reflected on any commissions earned from affiliates.

Most programs do not permit showing earnings so I will not be divulging the amounts I have invested or my returns.

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I have a policy of spreading my risks so if anything was to happen one then I have reserves. I suggest you consider the same policy.


Do you think it might be possible to turn $1,000 into near $25,000 in a year?

Yes I know it sounds too good to be true, so let’s break it down:
With my deposit of $1,000 for a year into a program paying 28% every 20 days. There are thirteen 20 day periods (Monday to Friday) in a year. After each 20 day period, we do not withdraw – we redeposit:

  • Period  1:  $1000 earns $280
  • Period  2:  $1280 earns $358
  • Period  3:  $1638 earns $459
  • Period  4:  $2097 earns $587
  • Period  5:  $2684 earns $751
  • Period  6:  $3435 earns $963
  • Period  7:  $4398 earns $1231
  • Period  8:  $5629 earns $1576
  • Period  9:  $7205 earns $2018
  • Period 10: $9223 earns $2582
  • Period 11: $11805 earns $3306
  • Period 12: $15111 earns $4231
  • Period 13: $19342 earns $5415
  • Your total balance in Beurax has now accumulated to a staggering $24757.

If you deposit say $100 then your accumulated balance would be $2475

Projected Beurax Returns with Bitcoin

Or take the low deposit of 0.001 BTC (as I write worth $15.66)  and in 12 months it’s grown to 0.0247554 BTC (at today’s price $387.72) and worth even more if the value of Bitcoin has risen from today’s price of $15,662.20 . If you deposit a full Bitcoin rather than a thousandth of one then the value is $387,720.

However, if you decide on the Currency Swaps program and deposit 1 Bitcoin earning 3.4% for 90 working days and redeposit then in 13 months you could accumulate 31.405020 Bitcoin.
Open an account today and make a deposit starting as low as $20 or 0.001 BTC or 0.01 ETH.
You can make as many deposits as you wish and choose the program option which best suits your investment lasting from 15 to 200 days.

All I can only tell you Beurax is an Australian company with a paid-up issued share capital of $75 million. This means the owners have invested $75 million in cash into the business. One of the main investors is Mr. Rick Heitzmann who is a founding partner of First Mark Capital who have been seed investors in businesses that are now household names such as, AirBnB, Discord, Shopify, Pinterest.
In the member’s area we can see they currently have 9 trades running with deposits of over $50 million and an average 30-day return of 87.67%.
This means you and I can easily earn 28% every 20 days !!

Beurax Review