Testimony By Craig Wright’s Wife Puts “Satoshi” in Very Hot Water


Lawyers for the estate of Dave Kleiman claim Craig Wright and his ex-wife, Lynn Wright, again attempted to defraud the courts by lying about Ms. Wright’s role in her ex-husband’s former firm, W&K Info Defense Research.

Craig Wright Contradicts Courts Again?

Craig Wright’s counsel had built part of a legal argument on the claim that Ms. Wright was a part-owner of W&K, and that her involvement denied him the chance of a fair trial.

However, on July 16, Lynn Wright separately filed a petition in a Florida court where she claimed not to have been part owner of W&K at the time of the court filing in 2018. This directly contradicts Craig Wright’s sworn testimony, which claimed Lynn was involved with W&K in 2018.

If that wasn’t enough, Ms. Wright’s legal petition also revealed that the “Tulip Trust,” which was alleged to contain around $12 billion in Bitcoin at the time of writing, may not actually exist. According to Ms. Wright’s petition:

“ln December 2012, Lynn transferred I00% of her transferrable interests in W&K Info Defense to Craig Wright R&D. Upon information and belief sometime after Dave’s passing, Craig Wright R&D changed its name to Tulip Trust.”

In other words, Ms. Wright now contradicts Mr. Wright’s previous claims about the Tulip Trust, suggesting it was simply the new name for Craig Wright’s company.

Craig wright
Craig wright

No Tulip Trust?

The Kleiman estate was quick to take this a further indication of Craig Wright’s attempts to defraud, stating in its own court filing on August 8:

“Craig Wright R&D changed its name to the “Tulip Trust” (yes, the infamous “Tulip Trust” is now apparently just a name change of a company affiliated with Dr. Wright, it is not a “blind trust” as previously alleged).”

Counsel for the plaintiffs filed their own motion to dismiss Wright’s concerns regarding a fair trial based on Lynn Wright’s state court actions. Interestingly, however, Ms. Wright’s petition on July 16 also stated that she had received one-third ownership in W&K as recently as July 10.

Among many claims made in the petition, Ms. Wright claims that anything which mentions W&K in the trial at hand be immediately thrown out. She claims she is now the owner of W&K, and as such, has no obligation to meet the Kleiman estate’s demands.

Yet Another Scheme to Defraud?

Ms. Wright submitted no accompanying documentation to support any of her claims, and according to the plaintiff’s lawyers, she and her ex-husband are merely colluding to defraud the courts. Their filing states:

“Plaintiffs have much more to say on this issue including, but not limited to, how the recent filing by Ms. Wright appears to be yet another scheme by Dr. Wright to defraud Plaintiffs and this Court.”

The contradictions continue, as does the Kleiman vs. Wright trial, which is set to go to before a jury in October.

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