Sorry Folks, Pepsi’s ‘Pepcoin’ Is Not a New Crypto



Many people believe that one of the main drivers for mass adoption is major corporations launching their own cryptocurrencies. But sadly, that isn’t going to be Pepsi just yet despite what some have suggested.

Pepcoin Is a Rewards Program

FMCG giant Pepsico recently announced a new rewards program called Pepcoin last month in conjunction with PayPal and Venmo.

But for those of you who wrongly assumed that Pepsi had begun its foray into the crypto world, Pepcoin is definitely not a cryptocurrency.

It’s not really anything, in fact, beyond a marketing ploy designed to incentivize purchases. Consumers simply rack up reward points when they scan product barcodes to exchange for cash in their PayPal or Venmo accounts. 

PepCoin has its very own website which describes the process of acquiring these new ‘pepcoins’. 

pepcoin website

It’s Not a Cryptocurrency

Pepcoin’s name may feel somewhat misleading to a lot of people, particularly in the blockchain space. It certainly seems as if the company is piggybacking off of the trending cryptocurrency phenomena by adding the word “coin” in its name, in the hopes of appealing to the younger tech-savvy demographic.


It also seems feverishly complicated. If you want to earn cashback, it’s not as simple as buying a Pepsi product. You have to buy the right pair of products including a soft drink and a Frito-Lay snack in order to qualify for the rewards scheme. Not ideal if you’re only planning on purchasing single items.

You also need a Venmo or PayPal account. You then have to create another account with Pepsi and link that to your Venmo or PayPal- all to earn 37 cents each time you buy the right pair.

It’s Only for US Citizens

We’ve already established that Pepcoin isn’t going to spread any awareness for cryptocurrencies (seeing as it’s not a cryptocurrency). It’s also not going to get very far on a global scale since it’s only valid in the US.

But for those of you interested anyway, be sure you read the fine print. If you’re a loyal customer who’s bothered to jump through all the hoops you need to earn these new pepcoins, you’d better be sure to keep buying. If your account is inactive for over 120 days, you’ll be charged 25 cents.

Oh the joys of centralized commerce!

Do you think Pepsi’s new ‘Pepcoin’ is misleading? Add your thoughts below!

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