Pnxbet Player in the Philippines Deposits 3,000 Pesos, Wins 15 Million


Pnxbet Player in the Philippines Deposits 3,000 Pesos, Wins 15 Million

One special player in the Philippines has just hit it big on Pnxbet casino, winning some $300.000 just by placing a bet on a LIVE baccarat title from Evolution.

Gambling online can sometimes yield some unexpectedly high winnings. Risking one’s money to strike it big has appealed to individuals for decades, either in an online or offline fashion. And why not, when every now and then, someone hits the jackpot with a lucky bet.

Winning Big With Pnxbet

One Pnxbet user in the Philippines now has an interesting tale to tell to friends and family. Following Pnxbet’s LIVE baccarat, he decided to deposit 3,000 Philippine peso (Php) — equivalent to nearly $60. Taking a chance, he placed the bet on baccarat, and when the numbers came up, his life was changed forever.

Walking away with Php 15,000,000, or nearly $300,000, brings a whole new meaning to SPEED baccarat and tells you that multiplying your wager 5,000 times can be very possible even in an online casino.

Earning a 500,000% return on one’s online gambling deposit is a rare turn of events, especially when considering how this user only deposited funds on Pnxbet three times before winning the big ticket prize.

Depositing the funds was done in the form of Bitcoin, with the help of the local Bitcoin wallet app platform, which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency-related services in the Philippines today, and serves as an onboarding gateway for Pnxbet players in this region.

Pnxbet management certainly took note of this big win, temporarily witholding his winnings to ensuring nothing malicious was going on — business as usual when operating such a popular betting platform. He didn’t even have to wait one hour, though, as everything was cleared for him and funds awarded.

Rapid growth for Pnxbet

Ensuring constant growth in the world of online betting is no easy feat, especially given the recent turn of events that triggered the cancellation of all major sporting events around the globe, causing sportsbooks everywhere to lose business overnight.

Pnxbet has managed to thrive during the COVID-19 crisis, primarily because it took proactive actions to ensure its users could access betting odds related to active competition.

More specifically, Pnxbet currently offers high betting odds for eSports and eSports events. Exploring new options – such as the NBA 2K20 Players Tournament – gives users their online betting fix despite the absence of traditional sports.

Pnxbet is also expanding its eSports-related presence in South East Asia by partnering with three gaming streamers: Guso Gaming, Xan PH, and Coach Byb.

Payment Options

PNXBet prides itself on offering honest live odds and convenient deposits and withdrawal options. Supported payment options include bank transfer, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Voucher Wallet Code, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum.

Expanding into different avenues will ensure that Pnxbet continues to gain traction. As players win huge sums of money, more positive attention is brought to this online betting platform.

Combined with the proactive approach to eSports betting and an unparalleled list of payment options, Pnxbet is one of the go-to betting sites for players of all levels.

Join the Pnxbet family today, check out their Evolution casino titles, and take advantage of honest eSports betting odds!

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Last modified: May 2, 2020 8:27 AM UTC

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