John McAfee is Doing Great in Prison: It’s Like The Hilton


For a lot of us, prison is a dark and scary place where no one wants to be… But we are not John McAfee.

The software developer, tax evader, crypto-shiller, drugs user, whale-fucker, former US presidential candidate and crypto-shiller sent a statement to his followers sharing his experience in the Spanish prison after his arrest.

Spanish Prisons are like “The Hilton” for John McAfee

And things aren’t so bad… In fact, according to his own words, at 75 years old, John McAfee is having a fascinating time there:

Hello from prison my friends. I am having a fascinating time. Spanish prison is not that bad. We can wear whatever clothes we want. We can smoke and socialize. It’s like the Hilton without turn down service.

John McAfee continued to explain in his message how he has adapted to life inside the prison, and how he is making new friends:

My cell mate is an ambassadors drug dealer, I wish I would have known him before. The prison yard is full of murderers but mostly nice people. I spend most of my time with my back to the wall. I miss and love you all. I will update you more when I am able.

This isn’t the first time John McAfee has been in jail, and of course it’s not his first encounter with the law. On July 24, 2019, authorities in the Dominican Republic apprehended him and part of his team after they found several large-caliber weapons without proper documentation.

However, not only did he come out unharmed, but he also claimed that he was treated very well, and published several smiling photos with some security officials.

A Long History

John McAfee was arrested in Spain after years of investigation on charges ranging from tax evasion to fradulent promotion of ICOs. If he were extradited and prosecuted in the United States, he would face not only financial penalties but also a significant amount of time in a U.S. prison… And those are not like the Hilton.

During 2017, John McAfee used to promote altcoins on a daily basis. Tron (TRX), Verge (XVG), Reddcoin and other projects passed through his hands as he talked about them and how he believed such initiatives could revolutionize the world. He kept doing that even after the ICO hype was over.

However, it was later discovered that McAfee received payments for these promotions, and was not transparent when separating advice from opinions and paid promotions. This may have been a fraudulent way of attracting investors and is punishable under US law.

That’s one of the reasons he is at “the Hilton” today.

McAfee’s statement was shared by the official account of his wife, Janice. She confirmed the news of his arrest on October 6. She assured that McAfee was well and thanked the entire crypto community for their support.

Janice McAfee added that his husband has always sticked true to his beliefs: “Regardless of whatever John may may not have done, he has spent most of his retirement fighting not only for his freedom but for everyone’s freedom,” she said.

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