Awkward Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Has Fun Combat – That’s All


Awkward Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Has Fun Combat – That’s All
  • A free demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake has hit the PSN Store.
  • The demo features the first mission in the mako reactor.
  • While the combat is overall pretty good, the boss fight is irritating and the dialogue is awkward.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is finally here. Now we get to see what the game actually plays like. Overall, it’s a mixed bag. The combat is pretty decent, but the dialogue is…interesting.

While the demo is sure to excite fans of Final Fantasy VII, it will probably get a lukewarm reception from new players. Whether the demo gets you excited or not, it’s probably going to make the game even more popular than it already was.

it’s possible to get stun-locked by an attack that the boss uses too much won’t bother you. Neither will the fact that your damage output feels severely lacking against lots of foes. Or the fact that you don’t appear to be able to flee a fight for that matter.

Hopefully, some of this might be fixed when Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out. If not, I’m sure lots of people will buy the game anyway. Nostalgia is a powerful tool after all, and nothing quite seems as good as it did back in 1997, does it?

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